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Supporting Kitsap County families through the birth and post partum period

Prenatal Classes

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth; whether you plan to deliver at home or via schedule cesarean section at the hospital, you should consider enrolling in childbirth classes, baby feeding preparation courses, and other prenatal education seminars. Students learn the secrets to a positive childbirth and postpartum experience. Labor, pain management, infant care, breastfeeding/chestfeeding, postpartum expectations, and more are discussed.

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  • Private Classes

    Childbirth and Parenting Education in the comfort of your own home.

    • Private classes allow for us to highly individualize our teaching to focus on what is important to you and allows you to get all your questions answered in a comfortable, one on one setting.
    • Typically a total of 5-6 hours of instruction split into 2 visits.
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  • Group Childbirth Classes

    Participants gain valuable knowledge that will empower them to have a positive experience in childbirth and the weeks that follow. Topics covered include the labor process, pain management techniques, newborn care, breastfeeding/chestfeeding, and more. Group classes are taught in a 2-week series for a total of 6 hours of instruction time.

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  • Before Baby Lactation Training

    Class includes:

    • 60 minute overview of nursing and lactation.
    • Topics covered: health benefits of human milk, feeding positions, hand expression, breast care, common challenges
    • Work with expert to define your baby feeding goals and create an individualized plan.
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Postpartum Care

Matrescence (noun): the physical, psychological, and emotional process of becoming a mother.

The initial months of parenthood are intense, and many families benefit significantly from the newborn & postpartum support and wellness assistance. Professionals at Kitsap Perinatal, including board-certified lactation consultants, are available to help new parents and their infants adjust to life after giving birth by addressing issues including feeding difficulties and overall health.

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  • Lactation & Baby Feeding

    *coming soon!* Research shows that chestfeeding and breastfeeding challenges including sore nipples or milk production concerns have a powerful impact on successful breastfeeding attempts. the board-certified lactation consultants at Kitsap Perinatal help parents and infants overcome feeding issues and increase the likelihood of long-term breastfeeding.

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  • Back to Work Pumping Consultation

    • 45-60 minute private, in home consultation with an Internationally Certified Kitsap Perinatal Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
    • Individualized feeding plan before returning to work.
    • Topics include pump usage and fitting, bottle feeding, milk handling, and milk supply protection.
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  • Post Partum Resources

    Matrescence (noun): the physical, psychological, and emotional
    process of becoming a mother. The initial months of parenthood are intense, and many families benefit significantly from attending baby-feeding groups with other new parents. Learn more about area offerings that support the community for new families.

Lactation Support

*Coming soon*

  • In home lactation consultations with an IBCLC.

Kitsap Perinatal will work with you and your baby through challenges you may be facing and come together to create a personalized feeding plan that will help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. Sign up below to stay up to date with our offerings.

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